are you a human being alienated by the bullshit macho male supremacist misogyny rampant in what we are unfortunate enough to call the ART WORLD? have you noticed how men still overcrowd the arts, and their art can be so very bad, not only that but pointless, tedious, and a lot of their art is not only bad + pointless but also repulsive in the classic woman-hating//woman-fearing//woman-using pathological masculinity it expresses? ever noticed that prominent male artists have a proclivity for being predatory chauvinists, and that female artists have to be eminently fuckable, or at the very least take self-portraits and say the word CUNT quite a lot to stay visible and relevant? as a woman in the arts, have you been ignored//dismissed//belittled//objectified//harassed//raped//abused by a male artist? did it strike you weird how the artistic community reared up to defend that male artist who hurt you because he’s some kind of tortured genius, so they say, or like maybe you were overreacting (because you’re SENSITIVE, lil girlie, get a grip) or bc he’s generally regarded as a GOOD GUY by all the other art-guys, to whom all guys are “good”? don’t you hate how everyone still considers it entertaining to watch or read stories about women being humiliated, violated, raped and murdered, raped or murdered, raped then murdered, murdered then raped, murdered by means of rape, et cetera et cetera? are you totally over the artistic fascination with female death? are you sick to death of “avant-garde” phallocentrism? have you been to a performance//gallery//reading//film in the recent past that left you wanting to vomit because the atmosphere was so slime-thick with male supremacist ideology you couldn’t breathe? all right. please submit: